Ask away...



Are all your hair and skin care goodies natural?

Are your products Cruelty Free?

Are your products certified with the UK's Soil Association, USDA or any other accredited organisation?

Why don’t you use plastic packaging?

I have sensitive skin can I still use your products and are they allergy free?

Do your products contain parabens?

Do you use any animal ingredients?

How long should I keep a product for?

When will an item be back in stock?

Why are some of your goodies a different colour to the last time I ordered?


Can I place my order over the phone?

Must I create an account to place an order?

I can not seem to find what I'm looking for.

Can I amend my order?

Can I choose a different delivery or billing address?

Will I receive an order confirmation?

How do I check order status?

I haven't received my entire order.


How does Wish List Work?

Can anyone use Wish List?

Can I access my Wish List on my smartphone or tablet?

How do I share my Wish List?


What countries do you ship to?

Customs & Duties

What are your shipping rates and delivery durations?

What is your return policy?

What happens if my order is returned back to you?


What payment methods do you accept?

Are payments secured?

How can I pay with Paypal?


I'm unable to login.

What are your opening hours?

Can I purchase products over the phone?

Do I have to register / create an account to buy products?

What happened to my points from your old website?

What will happen to my points that I accumulated on your old website?

My old login and password from your previous website doesn't work?

How long are your discounted offers and incentives valid for?

Can I create an account at checkout?

What happened to your mineral foundation & lip balms?