Giving Back to our Global Community

We have committed a percentage of our profits towards regular loan contributions that will improve the life of entrepreneurs in the developing world, their communities, and their families.

Funds go directly to where it's needed and is having the greatest possible impact to fight global poverty in a connected and sustainable way.

When loans are repaid, we will continue to re-loan more to other entrepreneurs in the developing world. This ensures that each project continues to fulfil its original objectives.

Loans provide an affordable working capital, thus empowering the poor to earn their way out of poverty. 

To enable us to see how our loans are making a difference we will be provided with regular journal updates, throughout the course of the loan, from each of the entrepreneurs Anita Grant Ltd funds. 

This is only a start but we plan to loan more throughout the years as our way of giving back. To view our ever growing portfolio please click here.

Helping people in the developing world move one step closer to their dream of prosperity - one entrepreneur at a time!